Manri Cheon

Ph.D. Student

Perceptual Quality of Multimedia

manri.cheon at

Soojin Kim

Ph.D. Student

Multimedia Communications at

Seong-Eun Moon

Ph.D. Student

Perceptual Quality Assessment, Physiological Signal Processing

se.moon at

Jun-Ho Choi

Ph.D. Student

Aesthetical Video Editing, Crowdsourcing

idearibosome at

Soobeom Jang

Ph.D. Student

Social Multimedia Analysis, Deep Learning for Multimedia Application

soobeom.jang at

Hyeongnam Jang

Ph.D. Student

hyeongnam.jang at

Junhyuk Kim

Ph.D. Student

Multimedia Processing at

Junghyuk Lee

Ph.D. Student

Multimedia Processing, Acoustic Signal Processing

junghyuklee at

Jooyeon Lee

M.S. Student

HCI, Interaction Design, Cognitive Science, UX

jooyeonlee at

Hojung Lee

Ph.D. Student

hjlee92 at

Min-Su Choi

M.S. Student

min-su.choi at

Junhyuk Park

Research Intern

junhyuk.park at

Taegyu Kim

Research Intern

Video Captioning

tgkim0814 at

Youngjae Kwon

Received a M.S. degree in 2012

M.S. in School of Integrated Technology, Yonsei University
B.S. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University

Won-Hee Kim

Post Doc. Researcher

Image Processing, Image Quality Assessment, Image Enhancement

Jungwon Lee

Research Intern

Emotion Detecting

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